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Hi everyone,

Welcome to the first season of West Georgia Prep. WGP is an AAU sanctioned organization (non-profit) which includes athletics in the areas of basketball, track & field, and wrestling.

During this time we have gone from a few interested players to a recognized club that is capable of competing against top competition in and around Georgia, Florida, Alabama and Tennessee. In the previous seasons we have competed in several  AAU and YBOA Tournaments, claiming  4  Tournament Championships.  We are proud to represent the West Georgia area  as the official sanctioned club recognized by AAU. The team and I are attempting to raise funds to help us train and compete against other AAU and YBOA Teams  within our region. As you can imagine with the cost of facility space, travel, and equipment, we have a high overhead for a non-profit organization, we conduct  fundraisers every weekend to not only raise revenue, but also awareness of our presence in the Douglasville/Carrolton area. With a donation or sponsorship WGP can continue to provide a positive enviornment  and help develop new talent in the Greater Atlanta Area.

WGP has a proven track record in motivating youth to achieve goals, win, and to become the best student-athlete they can be.


Jonathan Stricklen

Athletic Director , West Georgia Prep Athletics




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